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Dokuz Eylul University School of Nursing Electronic Journal

 ISSN 1308-3031



The publication of Dokuz Eylul University, School of Nursing, is a scholarly journal dedicated to advancing research in nursing practice, education and administration. The journal’s objective is to enhance the dissemination of research with global relevance. The journal also aims to encourage partnership among international colleagues. With the ultimate aim of moving the Journal for evaluation by international indexes such as the SCI and SSCI. We developed editorial and referee boards that are composed of both Turkish and International scholars. Manuscripts submitted in Turkish will be reviewed by Turkish referees and the Turkish editorial board. Manuscripts submitted in English will be reviewed by the International referees and international editorial board.

Student papers, written under the supervision of mentors also welcome. All submitted manuscripts will be subjected to anonymous peer review. Authors will be notified the receipt of the manuscript within 48 hours of the receipt. The decision will be forwarded within 12 weeks of receipt with publication date.

The views expressed in articles, editorials, and letters published in the Journal, represent the opinions of the authors and do not reflect the official policies or the positions of the Dokuz Eylul University, or, it’s School of Nursing.